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Why can’t Luxury be a part of our Daily Life?
A Pampering Gift from You to You.
Because you certainly Deserve it and we’ll tell you exactly why
You Deserve The Luxury.
Often we work so hard and endure a lot of things on a daily basis even if they may seem insignificant and tricked by our minds to ignore. We tend to overlook the basic acts of Maturity, Kindness, Selflessness towards the ones we love even at the cost of our own well being at times. Maybe you chose to keep quiet today during an argument with your partner because your love for him/her is more important than proving your point.
Maybe you chose not to speak back to your parents even though they weren’t completely correct on their end,Maybe you chose to cooperate today with that one obnoxious colleague at work. Maybe you went ahead and watched that movie you absolutely hate only because he/she/friends like it, Maybe you pulled yourself together early in the morning and went to work even though all you wanted was a day off, Maybe you took the time out of your busy schedule just to send that one lovable text to your spouse in the middle of the day, Maybe you were just there for them when they needed you the most, Maybe you just forced a smile on your face for the world while your heart was crying inside or Maybe you just chose to focus on the positive side of things and not give up although at that point, the easiest way out was to give in to the negativity.
No matter how Small or how Big it is, we unknowingly go through so much everyday that we don’t give ourselves credit for because we think thats how we should be, that’s what is Expected of Us.
And that’s the idea behind the creation of Nesh Luxury. We want you to appreciate yourself for Every Little Thing that you go through and Overcome. For being the Strong One even though you don’t always have to.
Therefore, no matter what others say to you or about you, you’ve been through a lot and you keep growing stronger each day and for that alone, you Deserve to be Pampered, you Deserve to Indulge in the Finer Things and
You certainly Deserve the Luxury.


Its simple! we give you Scents that are not available anywhere else in the market.

How? Because they’re created Just For You.

  • Each scent is imported and is a custom blend of different fragrances made by the Finest Perfumeries in Europe and USA to the very specific likes of our Founder.
  • Not only are the Scents Unique but are also Clean which means that the fragrances inhaled Do not contain harmful chemicals like Parabens, Phthalates and Vanillin.

Hold on, we not only care about you, we really really care about You!

  • Every candle is created with the finest quality of all Natural Coconut Soy wax sourced from Certified Dealers only. As opposed to Parafin Wax, Natural Waxes do not produce harmful toxins when burned.

And ofcourse, we weren’t gonna add lead to our wicks after taking care of all this.

  • Our Wicks are a 100% cotton.

Affordable Luxury

Cause Money Matters

It is true that we want all of you to enjoy the Good Life but it is also true that Top Notch Quality and Luxury Products doesn’t come Cheap. However, we were desperately trying to make our Products Affordable without having to compromise even a tiny bit on the Quality we offer.
So, after a Year of hunting for the Best of Ingredients and a lot of Calculations and Tests , we are finally able to offer to you the Fineness and Supremacy of Luxe while going easy on your wallet.

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